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Hurwitz's theorem is used in the proof of the Riemann mapping theorem , 96 6 98 and also has the following two corollaries as an immediate consequence:

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Prerequisites : S uccessful completion of Multivariable Calculus and Introduction to Abstract Math or the equivalent.

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A bounded function which is holomorphic in the entire complex plane must be constant this is Liouville's theorem. It can be used to provide a natural and short proof for the fundamental theorem of algebra which states that the field of complex numbers is algebraically closed.

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Because complex functions have such incredible properties, they are useful even for problems that at first don 8767 t seem to involve complex numbers. Far from wanting to avoid complex functions because they are 8775 complex, 8776 applied mathematicians look for ways to introduce complex functions because they simplify analysis.

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As a consequence of this and Cauchy 8767 s theorem, we conclude that the contour is not contractible to a point in note that this does not contradict Example 7 because is not convex. Thus we see that the lack of holomorphicity (or singularity ) of at the origin can be 8775 blamed 8776 for the non-vanishing of the integral of on the closed contour , even though this contour does not come anywhere near the origin. Thus we see that the global behaviour of , not just the behaviour in the local neighbourhood of , has an impact on the contour integral.

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It can easily be seen that d {\displaystyle d} satisfies positive definiteness, symmetry and the triangle inequality , implying that C {\displaystyle \mathbb {C} } is a metric space.

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After removable singularities, the mildest form of singularity one can encounter is that of a pole an isolated singularity such that can be factored as for some (known as the order of the pole), where has a removable singularity at (and is non-zero at once the singularity is removed). Such functions have already made a frequent appearance in previous notes, particularly the case of simple poles when . The behaviour near of function with a pole of order is well understood: for instance, goes to infinity as approaches (at a rate comparable to ). These singularities are not, strictly speaking, removable but if one compactifies the range of the holomorphic function to a slightly larger space known as the Riemann sphere , then the singularity can be removed. In particular, functions which only have isolated singularities that are either poles or removable can be extended to holomorphic functions to the Riemann sphere. Such functions are known as meromorphic functions , and are nearly as well-behaved as holomorphic functions in many ways. In fact, in one key respect, the family of meromorphic functions is better: the meromorphic functions on turn out to form a field, in particular the quotient of two meromorphic functions is again meromorphic (if the denominator is not identically zero).

For bounded analytic functions on a unit disc, a very useful technique is the Blaschke product .



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