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Looking between her best friend and her brother. She saw a glow in their cheeks, and a twinkle in their eyes and could just about feel the happiness radiating off them.

The Weasley Family - Molly and Bill Weasley Chapter... | FanFiction

You could feel the tension in the room, it really must be something important to make Charlie come from Hungary.

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"Only if you want to, Arthur. I know you love your job. Besides, you've just been promoted."

The Eighth Weasley Chapter 1: The Eighth Weasley... | FanFiction

The tall man stared down at the beautiful angel who had made the beautiful sound, he felt relief course through him.

The Weasley's New Boy Chapter 1: Prologue, a harry... | FanFiction

"Is he in our year?" I asked my twin, mentally running inventory of all the 5th year males.

Daughters of noble blood must be learned in customs befitting her birth. Indeed, before being allowed to take her place in wizarding society, her magical education must first begin at home. Wherein, with the aide of her mother, she will be schooled in the ways of a dutiful wife, a successful mother, and an accomplished Lady of the House. Likewise, with the guidance of a patient father, she will grow to be knowledgeable and skilled on the many ways of maintaining a husband.

Looking over the battlefield Ron wanted desperately to apparate home and let Hermione know about the revelation of Harry's innocence.  Hell he had to let the whole family know about this, but duty came first.  There were stunned Death Eaters to be sent to prison cells and wounded order members to be taken care of.  Still he couldn't get Harry's actions out of his mind.  Harry killed Voldemort.  Harry the man they betrayed, that they sent to Azkaban, had killed Voldemort.

"Simple, Weasleking. There are plenty of pureblood girls who fancy a bit of action, but the sad fact is, a lot of pureblood males are the victims of inbreeding. Bit light in the basement, if you get my drift. Said pureblood girls cannot bear to get it on with a half-blood or less, so we, with the help of that enormous bat of yours, can clean up. Might be a few boys too, if you're willing, of course, we'd charge more."

Hermine ging zurück in Rons Zimmer und setzte sich in die dunkelste Ecke, die sie finden konnte. Sie würde mit Ron sprechen und ihn davon überzeugen nicht mehr so oft in den Fuchsbau zu kommen.

"I thought it was to be a surprise?" Said Harry as he peeled his second pear to plop in his second helping of oatmeal he was living up the cravings considering his morning sickness was mute.

"I should certainly hope so." Said Charlie "You know who would certainly have taken Hogwarts if it hadn't been for Harry, and he definitely wouldn't have been defeated."

Actually, did you notice that Harry's prediction at the end of POA comes true? He sasys he sees Buckbeak flying away, and he does. Do you think he got an O for his Third Year Divinations exam?

Ron spoke up again "Waiting a couple of days is probably for the best.  Perce you say that the ceremony will be in three days"

After sweeping down to give Molly a peck on the cheek, Arthur made his way to the tearoom.

As Ginny stepped beneath the warm spray of the shower and began to soap up her enormous round heavy smooth white freckled double JJ cup breast a man was in his room planning to have some fun with the young female Weasley.

"Arthur, that's not fair. You wanted a big family too. Don't go blaming our huge family on me."



Mrs. Weasley looked conflicted, as though she were waging in some deep inner battle. Fleur watched him with unconcealed joy, gripping Bill's hand tightly in her own. Mr. Weasley's mouth had fallen open... Winner of "Best Humour Fic" at the 2008 Reviewer's Choice Awards on FFnet.