«Akai miniak virtual analog synth abgeben» . «Akai miniak virtual analog synth abgeben».

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The MINIAK's arpeggiation capabilities respond to a key press by playing a series of notes over a rhythmic pattern. If you hold down a chord the Akai MINIAK will generate a melody by playing each note of the chord individually. A sequence is similar but has the melody line built in so you can hold down a single key and the MINIAK will play back the melody relative to that note. Press another key and the sequence is transposed. The MINIAK has MPC-style sequencing and recorder style dynamic real time phrase sequencing. Plus there's also a drum/rhythm sequencer.

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Is this a stand-alone PC app? There are no requirements listed. Would love Mac based but excited to check it out either way! Thanks!

Akai MINIAK Virtual Analog Synth

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also i am sure it will be overpriced like everything else..$555-$755 i would imagine..when really, it is worth about $855 AT THE MOST. and microkorgs..come on..those should cost like $775 tops. peace out

The MiniAK includes a bevy of pitch, delay, and reverb effects, any two of which you can use on a given program. Pitch-based effects include chorus, x756C theta x756D flanging (a combination of phasing and flanging), x756C thruzero x756D flanging (emulated classic tape flanging), and a 69-stage phaser that gives you that vintage analog string machine sound. The time-based effects range from mono and stereo delays to hall and plate reverbs.

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66 67 COMANDI IN TEMPO REALE Nonostante le sue dimensioni compatte, il Miniak xE8 dotato di sei potenti comandi in tempo reale. Questi comandi conferiscono alle vostre dita tutta l x7569 eccezionale espressivit xE5 della sintesi analogica virtuale. Rotelle (MOD6) e (MOD7): La rotella (MOD6) solitamente aggiunge il vibrato. (MOD7) pi xF9 spesso spazza il filtro.

The virtual analog sounds are produced by three oscillators, two LFO per voice, eight voice polyphonic, three envelope behemoth grumbling out sounds from class MOOG basses to floating leads. The depth of sound is certainly here.

Bass, lead, pad, string, brass, comp, keys, drum, vocoder/special FX... the MiniAK x7569 s sounds are organized in nine self-explanatory categories. Though sounds cover all the bases x7569 organs, electric pianos, Clavs, chimes, and yes, synths x7569 there are no samples. Everything is analog modeling. Even its drum sounds are created using analog-like synthesis techniques, so many have a TR-858 or TR-959 feel. A few distortion-enhanced kicks and snares evoke a Nine Inch Nails industrial vibe.

Quindi far ruotare la MANOPOLA DATA per ricercare i diversi suoni. PROGRAMS: I programmi sono il cuore del Miniak x7568 i suoi ottoni, bassi, percussioni, pad, ed altri suoni analogici virtuali. Per saltare ad una determinata categoria di Programma, mantenere la pressione sul tasto [PROGRAMS] premendo contemporaneamente il tasto bianco adatto sulla tastiera.

The folks at Akai give MusicRadar the skinny on what 8767 s new for Musikmesse 7559: the MPD68 USB pad controller and the Miniak virtual analogue synth.

The Minizune Editor and Miniak Groove-Mod are available to purchase for $88 USD individually or $55 USD for both programs.

Ditch those old buttons for rubber backlit pads. Make the display or the entire control panel tiltable. Add USB with audio. They wouldn 8767 t even have to update the synth engine, maybe just fix a couple of the old bugs (amp noise, white noise glitch, etc.) and increase poly by a few voices, which is now cheap to do.

The miniak is a drummachine and stepsequencer from standart step sequenceer and
drumkits and drummachine patterns are already in the miniak when you buy one and you
can use the display of the miniak to see the step sequencer and you can edit it and make
*fat* loops.

is there any book or step by step tutorial that will show you how to use this thing, ??? I mean i figure out somethings but it has too many options



The Akai Professional MINIAK synthesizer/vocoder is packed with the features you need to create... Virtual analog synthesizer with built-in vocoder and microphone. Source:synthpedia.