«Skandal in belgravia Analyse» . «Skandal in belgravia Analyse».

Šerlok: Skandal u Belgraviji (A Scandal in Belgravia)

“You know, Mycroft could just phone me, if he didn’t have this bloody stupid power complex.” John

AScandal in Belgravia

Dann aber taucht eine Gruppe amerikanischer Agenten auf, die vor nichts zurückschrecken, um in den Besitz des Handys zu kommen. Im letzten Moment können Sherlock und Watson die Männer außer Gefecht setzen, Irene aber entkommt mitsamt ihrem Mobiltelefon. Für Sherlock ist nach diesem Zwischenfall klar, dass sich auf dem Handy neben den erotischen Fotos noch andere sicherheitsrelevante Daten befinden.
Zugleich muss er sich eingestehen, dass die ebenso schöne wie kluge Irene Adler Gefühle in ihm weckt, gegen die er sich stets immun wähnte. Und da Liebe bekanntlich blind macht, realisiert der sonst so scharfsichtige Sherlock Holmes nicht, dass er zur Marionette in einem Intrigenspiel avanciert, in das nicht nur Irene verwickelt ist, sondern auch sein Erzfeind Moriarty und sogar sein eigener Bruder.

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Sherlock: Ein Skandal in Belgravia | Film 2012

Kann sein, dass ich einfach zu dumm bin, aber ich kapiere einfach die Handlung der Folge "Ein Skandal in Belgravia" aus der Serie " Sherlock". Kann jemand sie mir erklären? :D

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After a splendid first (too short) series, I was really looking forward to this. Did it reach my expectations. No, it actually surpassed them. Brilliant writing, direction and acting from all the cast. Not one duff point. A superb story with lots of in-jokes for Holmes enthusiasts, but even if you are not familiar with Holmes you will love it. I like the way the writers utilise a previous story and bring it up to date and actually improve on it ten-fold. The devices used to point out the Holmes powers of deduction are very good and apt for the digital age. Really looking forward to upcoming stories. Let s hope there are many more to come. Even if there are not, what is on offer is so richly rewarding it will bear repeat viewings. After this the Beeb can be (almost) forgiven for the dross of Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff. This is how to bring a classic up to date and make it relevant, exciting and funny. Deserves 75 stars

It 8767 s her confidence, her complete ease in the moment, the mind-blowing self-belief that  radiates  from her.

Sherlock Holmes solves a number of cases over the next few weeks, turning down several others because they bore him, including a man claiming his aunt's ashes are not hers and two girls not allowed to see their dead grandfather. Sherlock becomes a minor celebrity following John's blogs about his activities. One day, Sherlock's brother Mycroft has the pair brought to Buckingham Palace for a meeting when they are in middle of solving a case. The case involved the 'murder' of a man in an open field, witnessed by another man whose car had broken down near where the victim died. Mycroft and a Palace official explain that a female member of the royal family has had compromising photographs taken with dominatrix Irene Adler, and that she wishes for them to be retrieved. While Sherlock reviews photos of Adler, who is referred to as "The Woman", she looks at pictures taken of him.

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