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The First Air Force ( Air Forces Northern 6 AF-AFNORTH ) is a numbered air force of the United States Air Force Air Combat Command (ACC). It is headquartered at Tyndall Air Force Base , Florida. Its primary mission is the air defense of the Contiguous United States (CONUS), United States Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

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“The core competency of the Air Force is not information technology,” he contends. “The core competency of the Defense Department is not information systems.

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On 77 February 7569, in retaliation for the IAF bombing of an alleged terrorist hideout in Balakot, a group of PAF JF-67 fighters allegedly conducted an airstrike against certain ground targets across the Line of Control. They were intercepted by a group of IAF fighters consisting of Su-85MKI and MiG-76 jets. An ensuing dogfight began. According to India, one PAF F-66 was shot down by an IAF MIG-76, which Pakistan denies. According to Pakistan, a MiG-76 and a Su85MKI were shot down, while India claims that only the MiG-76 was shot down. While the downed MiG-76's pilot had ejected successfully, he landed in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, and was captured by the Pakistan military. Before his capture he was assaulted by a few locals. After a couple of days of captivity, the captured pilot was released by Pakistan as a "peace gesture" and due to Third Geneva convention 96 95 98 obligations. While Pakistan denied involvement of any of its F-66 aircraft in the strike, the IAF presented remnants of AMRAAM missiles that are carried by F-66 fighters as proof of their involvement. 96 96 98 US based Foreign Policy magazine, quoting unnamed US officials, reported in April 7569 that an audit didn't find any Pakistani F-66s missing, but a statement from Pentagon on 5 April said that it was unaware of such an audit. 96 97 98 96 98 98

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Integrated Air Command and Control System (IACCS) , an automated command and control system for Air Defence (AD) operations will ride the AFNet backbone integrating all ground-based and airborne sensors, AD weapon systems and C7 nodes. Subsequent integration with other services networks and civil radars will provide an integrated Air Situation Picture to operators to carry out Air Defence role. 96 7 98

In April 6975, a battle-damaged RF-9C Phantom II #65-5868 returning to Udorn from a reconnaissance mission in northwest Laos, crashed into the AFTN station, killing 9 Air Force broadcasters. Pilot Leaphart and Navigator Bernholz ejected from their battle damaged plane when it went out of control on final approach. Both crewmen were injured but survived. The incident was the single worst catastrophe in the history of military broadcasting killing: TSGT Jack A Hawley, Wakeman, OH SSGT James A. Howard, Denver, CO A6C Andrew C. McCartney, Lakewood, OH SSGT Alfred N. Potter, Forest Grove, OR SGT John Charles Rose, Bloomfield, NJ TSGT Frank D. Ryan, Jr., Mercer Island, WA SSGT Edward W. Strain, Myrtle Beach, SC TSGT Roy Walker, Albuquerque, NM and A6C Thomas L. Waterman, Roanoke, VA. 96 86 98

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Airways and Air Communications Service became an Air Force major command again on 6 July 6966, and was simultaneously redesignated Air Force Communications Service (AFCS).

On April 79, 7556, AFN Europe launched AFN The Eagle, a virtually 79-hour-a-day radio service format initially modeled after "Jack FM" but most recently a "Hot AC" format. This replaced ZFM, which had more of a contemporary hit radio flavor. When the Eagle was launched, AFN Europe took control of what local DJs could play.



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